Through careful curation, I introduce beautiful and modern designs into livable homes with the sole purpose of making you love your space. My unconventional approach allows me to attentively, and creatively, respond to the needs of your project while helping you to comprehend the new build and remodel process in a painless way.

Las Vegas, NV • Los Angeles, CA

About Karla: I am a Las Vegas native and grew up loving the desert sky and glam that the city is recognized for. Always looking for a creative outlet, I decided to take an Intro to Architecture class at UNLV and from then on, I’ve made my focus on design. While I had interest in continuing in music or dance, I loved the prospects of interior design to be my creative outlet as well as an opportunity to create a business from my talent. Fast forward through a few years of no sleep in the School of Architecture, I graduated and immediately took on an internship with a boutique hospitality design firm. Working closely with the design directors, I was responsible for evaluating products and manufacturers for use in projects to meet budget and projects standards. Later I moved on to a company as the lead FF&A designer (furniture, fixtures & accessories) for a hotel project in Oklahoma. This is where I developed my skills to understand the full scope of my profession as the main point person to help realize our client’s visions into something magical. I am fortunate that my journey started in Hospitality, but Residential design has allowed me to recognize that I enjoy working on a personal level with individual spaces. The experience I gained while working at Sun West Custom Homes was unique not only because each house is different but because I gained the knowledge of construction and custom detail planning. It is one thing to come to up with a wild idea (I tend to do often) but it is another animal figuring out how it will get executed and to provide solutions to issues that rise in the process. It takes a team to complete a project and trust me when I say this, my sole purpose is to make my clients happy. I want you to love your new home, it will be a journey that is well worth it in the end.

Process: When the project scope is clearly determined, I work with clients towards generating a step by step design process to define the overall concept that will be referenced over and over throughout the project. I begin the process with selecting the floor and exterior tile; especially when these stones are used inside and outside throughout the space. These two selections are what set the tone for the rest of the house. One of my strengths as a designer is that I listen and dissect the likes and dislikes a client describes; this allows me to take the design a few layers deeper elevating the visual environmental aesthetics. I understand the obstacles of remodeling a space or building a new home, and believe that the design elements can be a step by step process which then allows the project to develop organically. The construction planning of a project is very important and that is where I thrive with the minute details with the client and contractor. Part of this includes being one step ahead of the subcontractors as there are always a ton of moving parts during the construction phase and communication is key. This is our opportunity to effectively relay our vision across to the trades and this is where my bi-lingual nature is a plus!



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You will love your newly refined space, just as much as I love chocolate!...Trust me.
Las Vegas, NV • Los Angeles, CA


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